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Hello All,
I am planning on building a gaming rig (hopefully around $1300) soon after the Intel price cuts on July 22nd. I will be getting the Q6600 (and overclocking it). Here is my question:

Which do you find to be a better option in terms of motherboard and graphics?

Buying a 650i SLI motherboard, an 8800 GTS (640 MB), and a 650W power supply and then buying another 8800 GTS sometime in the future (when I can’t play games on high settings)
Buying a p35 based motherboard, the same 8800 GTS, a cheaper, 500 W power supply and then replacing the video card entirely when it becomes inadequate. (This will be more expensive since a brand new card will cost more than an 8800 GTS in the future).

I will be playing games at a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050.
Also, any other suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for your advice.
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  1. Well, one with your max resolution, you won't see a huge jump in FPS with most games with two cards over one.

    Two this is kinda one evil for the other. If you by one card now and deside to get another of the same card latter, it will be cheaper, But it won't be as good as the newest card running single. If you buy one card and then upgrade to the newest card latter, it will be much better then the two of your old cards, but it will be more expensive.
  2. Would I be able to get the best card for an old motherboard say two years down the road? What I mean is, wouldn't the new cards that come out be PCI Express v2 or some new interface? Or will they still be compatible with my motherboard?
  3. they just recently stopped making new AGP cards now, and they may still make a few more new ones, they aren't even using the full pipe yet for PCI-X, and they don't have cards for a new format out yet, so I doubt they will stop making newer and better cards for PCI-X for at least a few years.
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