Mp3 files play fine on my ipod, but not itunes, missing some sounds

Heya guys,

Okay, so I've googled for about 30 mins now and I've gotten no cases that have matched my particular issue. SO.. I'm wondering, I've got a few songs that a friend gave to me on a flash drive and I put them on my iTunes and then synced them to my iPod. The songs play in perfect quality in my iPod, but when I try to listen to them via itunes (haven't tried any other player) on my computer, they are missing some parts of the song (maybe not missing, but certain instruments or vocal sounds are really quiet). So, I'm wondering what's going on. For all I know, this could be a normal thing. I thought maybe it was an audio codec problem or something. The ball is in your court. I'm listening :)

Thanks a lot guys, any suggestions would be nice,
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    It's not that abnormal. Mine sound different in itunes than they do on CD or Ipod. I think it's more of an equalizer issue.
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