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Can some one please tell me how to change the aspect ratio in power dvd 10 while watching a bluray disc? The menu is ghosted and I have been all through the options. Any menu option that looks like it may be relevant is also ghosted. It's chapping my cheeks to have to watch Star Trek in the origional 4:3 aspect ratio.
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    This topic has been moved from the section Networking to section Applications by Grumpy9117

    Thanks for moving my message. I intended to put it in applications but I must have slipped by one line and ended up in networking. Any chance you can be even more helpful and provide me with a solution to my problem?
  3. Wow! 151 people have read my question to date and as yet not one person has posted an answer for me. Is my question something so simple that people assume I'm a noob and decline to answer? Or is everyone so busy with their lives that even though they have the time to read my question they don't have time to answer? Or is it possible that every person that read my question doesn't know the answer? Surely that cannot be the answer, especially considering the number of computer geeks lurking here. Come on folks. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to change the aspect ratio of a bluray disc with power dvd 10?
  4. If the video was recorded in 4:3 the only thing you will gain by changing the aspect is to make everyone shorter and fatter.
  5. Sigh.... Let's assume I know that already and prefer to watch in 16:9 What I gain is the rest of my big screen hdtv real estate. In every software hd player I have ever had I could change the aspect ratio to fill out the screen. In power dvd 10 I can't find a way to do it. Does anyone know how for Christ sake?
  6. 285 views of my question and not one answer! Tomshardware forum the place where your computer questions will be answered by knowledgeable geeks. Meh. This place is about as useful as tits on a boar hog. Don't bother to reply to this post. I won't be back.
  7. Well maybe there is no fix, I can ask how to make my Toyota fly and drive underwater but I don't think I'll get mad if people don't answer me.
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