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So here is my problem. Basically, my computer got fried (mobo & PSU), but the hard drive still works. I can access the hard drive (but not boot from it), but I don't know exactly where to find the information I want. I'm trying to transfer the data to another hard drive in my new computer. Here is what I need:

1. In Outlook Express, I had a folder (saved as "my stuff") that had saved emails in it... this is very important stuff that I'd like to have.

2. Bookmarks in Internet Explorer... not as important, but I had a ton of stuff in there that would be nice to have back.

Anyone know how I can find where this data is saved at?
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  1. I checked Google before I posted here. Everything on Google for Outlook is showing how to do it from within the program. The problem is that I can not open the program (it is acting as a data drive in a secondary computer... gives me errors on most programs I try to run). I can only access the data on the drive. I found the folder where the Internet Explorer favorites are saved, but I can't find where the Outlook Express files are.

    Make sure show hidden files is enabled under Windows Explorer under Tools->Folder Options->Views->Show Hidden Files and Folders

    The DBX files that Outlook Express uses are located in:

    c:\ (or whatever drive windows resides on)
    Documents and Settings
    Username (your username)
    Application Data
    GUID Identifier (random string like {3B0FA092-2222-1111-A1B2-111A1AA1AAA11}
    Outlook Express

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