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So I've been helping a few friends out to remove viruses from their computers. I've used AVG's Recovery USB method but it seems that every time AVG touches the computer it always deletes critical system files that are needed to either boot the system or work other things. For example, on one of the computers it simply would not boot anymore. The other one had absolutely not connection to the internet. For the first one all I did was pop in the Vista CD and click "repair an existing vista installation" and voila. But there is no OS CD for the second computer. It's quite old and it runs XP.
I've also been to AVGs forums and none of the people seem to ever have asked this question. Maybe I"m doing something wrong when removing the viruses. I do not know :( please advise.

So I have two questions:

1- Is there a way to remove a Virus (that can't be removed via the OS) WITHOUT deleting system files? Like is there any recovery method that just *fixes* the issue as oppose to delete it? OS anti-virus programs always have a *fix it* option as opposed to a *delete it* option.

2- Is there any way to get simply recovery CD's for computers that no longer have the original CDs? I'm NOT asking for a product key, I just wonder if there is a way to get the repair utility that comes with the OS CDs without having to go buy a $200+ thing at the store.

Thanks so much!
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  1. To remove viruses, follow the guide in my signature.

    If the system files are infected, the damage is already done. A windows repair will fix that.

    Software such as norton ghost or Acronis true image can create backups that you can revert back to.
  2. I differ a little from aford. Just a curious question to aford, is combofix a safe program to use? I have heard of it, but think I've heard it can destroy critical files at times.
  3. Combofix is effective, but relaible. It's going to remove any trace of infection. Depending on the extent of the infection, any antivirus, including combofix, has the potential to remove system files. The malware has to be removed, then you can start repairing the damage. A windows repair can repair/replace any damaged system files. A registry cleaner, such as ccleaner, can repair damage caused by the infection.
  4. Ok thanks for the info. Also, don't know if you are aware, but they also have a portable version of ccleaner out now. Very handy.
  5. Ah, very nice! I hadn't seen that app before. I'll have to play around with that a little. Thanx!
  6. Sure thing, essentially the same, but just runs off a usb stick, etc.
  7. Aford,

    So there is no way to avoid the deletion of critical system files once they've already been hit?

    PS- I did look at your guide! Nice job. But I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a way around the whole deletion of system files once you can't enter safe mode.
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    Thanks :)

    Depending on the type of infection, and extent, there may not be a way to avoid it. But fear not, the damage can usually be fixed.
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  10. Okayyyy lol
    I managed to fixed my friend's XP system by figuring out which service was missing and then finding its dependencies. Turns out it was missing a driver file. I copied the driver file from one of my old systems and used it in his.

    I would just think that there has to be another option to those who lose their OS CDs. Because TBH the only reason my old desktop still runs is because I've taken good care of it but once the HDD dies then that box is getting Linux because I don't remember where I put OS CDs for that thing. But I guess I have to take better care of things too :)
  11. Thanks for the vote :)

    By the way, if you need a restore disc for a PC, you can create one. You'll need a software, such as Acronis true image. Then follow this guide.
  12. Also, check out another program. Kind of like a free ghosting program. Haven't used it extensively, but it's supposed to be free for home use. Check it out.
  13. Also man, if combofix does not do it for you, malware bytes is great as stated. But look at spybot search and destroy, super anti spyware, and adaware if you have future issues. All for personal usage and top notch in my opinion.
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