RDRAM & SAPPHIRE Radeon X1950 / nvidia 7950GT question.

finally upgrading my machine..

i have an asus P4T Mobo, with the first P4 chip 1.2 Ghz with a 256 mb agp card. Saving grace was i have 512mb x 4 RD ram and my left over 128Mb rdram, which has kind of never let me down on speed although had cost me a lot at the time..
The Ram is in perfect conditon.
I. do you think it will sell...???

I built my machine in 2000, so am slow with upgrades,as you can see, dont care much about Vista as i switched to XP like just 2 years back as i was happy with 98' now that i am finally doing it , And talking to people and reading, i was going with
Asus P5N32-e sli ( ALTHOUGH i may not ever use 2 graphic cards but..)
Core 2 Duo E6600 processor
with a nvidia 8600 GT card 256mb.

I met some young kid ( i am 30 now) who i guess are the best to take advise from ,

and he said he hates intel as everything they sell ..money is the main criteria, if u change processor u need to change , ram, and motherboard,etc etc
and said that athlon atleast cares for its loyalist...

So to cut the whole discussion short..

i now am going with
Asus P5B deluxe ( as he felt i did not need sli or the 680i chipset)
Athlon 64 x2 6000+ if i can afford or atleast a 5200+ processor.
Ram he said there is a great deal on a 2 GB Kingston 5300 ddr2 for 80$s,
and card from the 8600 Gt he said to get the 7950 GT or the 7900 GT he said more value for the money.

But in all of this i read about and saw comaprrison charts and i felt , if we talking about value for money, what about the Saffire radeon x 1950 GT 512mb...
But like everyonei have talked to they all say radeon is "crap", either its competition is paying people to say it, as every shop i have visited have said that to me..

So am left all confused ,
i do very basic gaming but have always kept myself open that one day when i do get free time, i'll get into it.
But i do alot of music mixing, video / photograph editing...

Please advice /help.

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  1. I think this guy was just trying to screw with you. That or he's just a disillusioned fanboi.

    As long as the socket is the same, you won't need to buy a new mobo and ram when you upgrade the cpu, that goes for both Intel and AMD systems.

    The P5B Deluxe is an Intel mobo, I should know, I own one. You'll need a hammer if you want to install an AMD cpu in it. At this point you should just disregard what he's saying.

    The 6000+ is a decent cpu, but the E6600 meets or beats it in most things, runs cooler, oc's higher, and you'll have a better upgrade path.

    I have no idea why people are saying ATi cards are crap, because they're not. ATM they're one of the best options for sub-$200 graphics. The 1950pro is an awesome budget card, the 7950gt is about the same as the 1950pro in terms of performance, but it's usually more expensive.

    What's your budget and where are you buying the components from?
  2. Quote:

    The P5B Deluxe is an Intel mobo ... You'll need a hammer if you want to install an AMD cpu in it.

    ROFL :lol:

    Took the words right out of my mouth!
  3. planning on buying from either newegg or something where ever i can get a decent rate..

    My budget is basically getting a processor, ram, mobo and a graphic card for under 750 $s

    i know the 7950 and the 1950 pro are good cards am getting a 8600 gts for a little more than the x1950 pro(512mb) while the GTS has only 256, but he felt that ati is not even close so stick to the 8600 gts or the 7950 , hjence my confusion..

    was also told that in graphics cards 256 or 512 mb does not makea diff but the speeds, not sure all i know is that the 1950 pro 512mb is more expensive than the x1950 crossfire. and the 8600 GTS

    Earlier i was also looking at the evga 680i mobos over the asus... thats another place am not sure..
  4. take off the monitor, speakers, OS and you are in the neighborhood of $700 ... less if you have other parts to reuse


    the guide gives you a amd AND intel sample system to compare

    x1950pro is a damn fine budget card even if it isn't a dx10 card. even if you aren't building a complete system from scratch, it gives you a good general idea. personally i would use it and

    System Builder Marathon: Day One


    System Builder Marathon: Day Two


    "Graphics Card: EVGA 8800GTS 320MB: The 8800GTS 320 MB beats ATI's Radeon X1950 XTX in most game benchmarks, while costing 25% less."

    Hope this helps more then confuses :D
  5. yes , it really does help..
    but as you all have been trying all this for ages,
    what is the best configuration i can get for under 750$s

    Just need the 3 things..

    1. Processor
    3.Graphics card

    i read somewhere on this site that the 6600 duo2 core although is slower than the athlon 6000+ , the 6600 being new technology will be almost the same as the amd.

    As for graphics card , i need something in the range of 180-220$s , the best i can afford , please advice..

    Thanks a ton u all, it majorly helps to take a desiscion..
  6. The graphics memory doesnt matter much, unless it's really low (like 32mb) or you're gaming at a really high res (1920x1200+).

    $750 is a pretty big budget for just the gfx card, mobo, and cpu.

    CPU: E6600 - $224
    Mobo: Asus P5K Deluxe - $225
    Graphics Card: Leadtek 8800gts - $284

    Total - $733

    The P5K is a top of the line mobo, one of the best available. The 8800gts is an awesome card, it'll handle pretty much everything out right now. And the E6600, is well, it's an E6600. 'Nuff said.

    What other components are you going to use? The 8800gts is a pretty power hungry card, your power supply might not be powerful enough. What kind of ram are you going to be using? You need DDR2 ram for the P5K.
  7. hi
    thanks for te reply.
    Already have 2 HDD 250 each , with 2 writers on my previous mobo,
    I have a very good powersupply, but will know once i get back, as i am getting back to India in a 2 weeks time, so all i have space was for those 3..

    I have got 2 gb ddr2 5300 ram kingston there was a marked down on it, for 80$s..

    I just bought a e-geforce 8600 GTS , i got it for like 190 $s and thought its a good price, but i can return it so thats not an issue, so if you think the card is not that good i will return it.

    But now am on another problem, i had kind of short listed my MOBOs to be either the Asus P5N32-E sli or the Asus P5B deluxe wi-fi, as they are for 190-210$s..
    Now you have added the P5K deluxe , any particular reason on just getting the P5 K over the other two..

  8. LOL!

    The last time an AMD fit into an Intel system was back in the Socket 7 days :lol:

    ATi, Nvidia, both make kick ass video cards, and sure Nvidia currently owns the performance crown but it doesnt mean ATi makes "crap" video cards, and some people think there narrow single experience with a card is final - one fault and they think there crap, or they have bad experiences with one brand and switch to the other and find it works better - LUCK.
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