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I am having some sorta problems with my Processor Fan problem...I am using a MSI Nforce Motherboard.....After Switching my PC on....around Half an hour later In the D.O.T interface I get a beeping sound and What I see is that in the CPU FAN I get 0 RPM...Then again the Fan starts rotating and I get 1940RPM....I would like to solve this problem cuz This thing is freaking me out..

Why Does my RPM stop to Zero then again it starts rotating at normal...although the Temp shows 32.

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  1. Hmmm... A strange problem indeed. Is this an older computer? You might have a fan dying. Has it been louder than usual? The only other thing I can think of is the MB fan header is dying, which is pretty rare. Is there another header close enough for you to connect the fan to? How long does it stop for? You don't have to do anything to get it to start again? Has it always done this or is it a new problem?
  2. What was the fan speed previously?

    Some motherboard fan sensors do this when the fan speed is too slow to register well. "Sometimes" the board manufacturer issues a bios update that addresses this sensor problem. Does the board have a thermal control feature that was meant to throttle down the fan?

    Have you looked inside to see if it's still spinning? If not, why not? If so, why didn't you mention it?

    A fan's speed may vary slightly after it has warmed up some, you need to figure out if the fan speed is merely changing slightly or if it's really stopping or at least running poorly due to wearing out. If the latter, and it's a sleeve bearing fan, take the fan off and put a drop of THICK oil in the bearing.

    Even thin oil is better than letting it fail in an emergency but thick oil lasts far longer, then if failing, you need to decide if you want to relube it again every so often or just replace it.
  3. Change the fan. If it still screws around, go into the BIOS and disable Smart Fan control.
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