Vista transformation pack 9.0.1


i installed a vista transformation pack 9.0.1
in the middle of installation an error occurs an it cannot complete the installation, after i click the "don't send" my background appears to be like vista, and the button are now different, from xp before, but i want to uninstall the vista transformation pack, but every time i run it, it stops and an error occurs again, how can i restore my setting again,,

please help, i'm hoping for a solution of this kind of problems,asap

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  2. I used the same program. like you I installed onto an already loaded pc.
    Games, custom software, etc, etc.....

    ummm That program doesn't like that.
    So i reformatted that partition and reinstalled the os.
    Then you should be able to install that package with no problems.

    At least that is what the read me file said to do. If I had read that before the first install i wouldn't have had that same problem..
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