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Will Newegg allow an RMA for a videocard if I've used the free DIRT game code that came with it? The card worked fine the first day so I assumed it was safe to use the code, but now it causes constant black screen crashes when playing games. It's a Gigabyte HD 7850 if that matters.

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  1. Should be fine -- figure they are just replacing the video card with another one so you would have gotten the code back again anyway so cant see why that would restrict an RMA - besides the RMA is for a defective product (you have done testing to ensure the video card is the problem correct ?? - it could be something else as simple as a driver issue or Powersupply issue also and not the card )
  2. are you absolutely sure it is the video card?

    as stated by jdfan, the problem could very easily lie with another component. bad software, unstable power, overclocking, bad drivers and a few other issues could cause problems.

    if you are absolutely sure it is the video card (dont just assume it is) then yes they should rma a defective unit code or no code.
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