Looking for a quick, reliable, and powerful wireless router

I've began my search by looking at Wireless-N routers. I've never needed to own a router before this point, so I figure N is probably the way to go, as most future routers will use N anyway. I have a few questions though...

1) Isn't Wireless-N still in draft? Will I be screwed out of some things if I buy an N router now?
2) Is Wireless-N buggy or unreliable right now? If it is, should I get the WRT54GL that has a 9x Customer Choice Award on Newegg?
3) Can I get any recommendations for a Wireless-N router?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. 1. it is in draft, and will be for a while, but most likely any changes will be able to be handled with a firmware update.

    2. no, its not unreliable or buggy, and if you get, for example, the wrt350n, its backwards compatible with a,b,g.

    3. personally i like linksys routers for home networks, but thats just me. i'm going to be buying the wrt350n for my home network, couldnt tell you how it works from practical experience though.
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