speakers make staticky noise when playing videos

Hi. when I play my videos, my speakers will make this static-like noise or buzzing. Each last for about half a second & come every half a second or less. This started to happen about two months ago. the right one is worst than the left. Extremely annoying when you're watching a movie.
I've tried reinstalling my drivers, tried reconnecting my speakers, tried connecting brand new speakers.
I have A8N-VM CSM motherboard & no sound card. Hope someone here can help me.
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  1. Try downloading and installing the latest board and sound drivers for your board. You didn't say whether or not it's noisy on music or with a different video player, so beyond that I can't offer much.

    Edit: OOPs, you already tried drivers. Next time I'll try reading the post a little more closely.
  2. Music is OK. But all my video players do it. VLC player seems to be a lot more extreme than media player. Full screening w/ any player makes the sound more pronounced.
  3. Quote:
    my speakers will make this static-like noise or buzzing.

    Lay off the Booze, Liquor boy
  4. You could be getting some interference from a whole bunch of cords in a big pile. That could cause static in some instances.
  5. How are your speakers connected?

    Are you using line out or headphones out?

    Do you have an old fashioned audio cable from the CD/DVD rom drive to the sound card?

    When you say music is good do you mean MP3 or do you mean CD?
  6. UPDATE: I reinstalled my drivers once again & now video & music if fine. However, when I play games or browse internet as I am right now it will continously make the noise so I just turn off the sounds.

    Speakers are connected normally I suppose. Into the green slot w/ sound wave picture beside... No other slot gives sound lol. No idea what line out/headphones out is. Music is mp3.

    Should I reinstall my drivers once again? last time I did my internet got screwed up
  7. It took me forever to find a post that looked anything like the problem I'm having. This has been a problem with me, only after adding 2GB of ram to the system.
    Would anyone know if this is a problem with the RAM, the installation of the ram, or a need to update drivers?
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