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For me the page file usage settings in windows xp are non functional. I would like to use my ram as ram instead of my hard drive as ram. I have over 1gig of free physical memory while page file is using over 1gig. This problem overworks my hard drive and causes quake wars to crash. Shouldnt my ram get used up before windows starts page filing my hard drive to death?
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  1. If paging causes your system to crash, then you probably have another hardware issue. Unless the system runs out of physical memory, paging normally causes minimal disk activity. Only low activity or unused processes are swapped out to disk. How much memory is installed? Did you install an ISO driver?
  2. Maybe pagefile isnt the issue. I thought it was cause my hard drive temp went up about 11 degrees C. Still it makes me mad that the pagefile settings in windows dont work. I guess its just one of those things i gotta ignore.
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