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Hi all, if these is a repost I'm sorry but I looked around and couldn't find anything.

I have a media server (Vista Home Premium) tucked away in my basement off my main TV room. I use this to hold all my media files as well as my system back-up files for my CPUs all over the house. The media server also has a TV-capture card which i use with an IR blaster to capture my satellite signal which i later stream to other PCs and my Xbox360. The problem is I don't know how to queue up those recordings from anywhere else in the house, I have to walk to the server room and select which shows i want recorded. This isnt too bad as i usually sit down one night and pick through the upcoming week and only record what i want but I was wondering if there is any way to access the server from the other computers in my house to set-up the recording schedule from there? I would love to be able to do all this from my PC upstairs or my laptop anywhere in the house.

On a related note is it possible to have the same functionality but from outside my network. ie is it possible to log onto my media server from my office and select what shows i want it to record??

that leads me to my final question, one which i suspect is much more difficult to pull off. Is it possible for me to access the files on my media server from outside my home network to stream the files to me. I would love to have access to all my music, ripped DVDs and recorded TV while on the road.....and it would be amazing, though i doubt its easy or possible at all, to be able to stream live TV entering my media server over the net to me whereever i am.

I know this is a lot of questions but I'm fairly new to the whole media server thing. I am willing to pay a little to pull off some of the things I listed above but am hoping, and thinking, you guys might know of a way to pull this stuff off without having to spend too much money on programs.

For the watching TV from over the net i looked into the Slingbox but i was hoping to have something more integrated with the server because i wouldnt want my slingbox and my capture card both sending signals to my satellite box fighting for the signal of what to watch.

Anyways ill end this long post now by thanking you in advance. Any info would be much appreciated, even if it's somethign i dont wanna hear like "you cant pull that off" cause atleast then ill know for sure.

Thanks Again, Hawler
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  1. Yeah looks like your looking for the holy grail of HTPC stuff. Ok for remote control in your house I suggest remote desktop or realVNC. I prefer realVNC cause it works on anything mac, linux but the free version doesn't have security unless you set it up. For remote access I suggest hammachi VPN then log in using realVNC (the encrypted tunnel makes up for the lack of encryption by realVNC). If you have enough bandwidth you can stream or copy files using windows file sharing but if your recordings are real high quality probably not going to be able to stream. For that I suggest orb (personally I never had a computer fast enough to dedicate to it but it sounds like your rig could handle it.

    Another program I know has all of this functionality built in is GBPVR. It has a remote login that supports streaming, selecting recordings ect. but it would be a ton of work since you already have all the Windows MCE stuff set up. you would also have to set up a web server or vpn in with hamachi.

    I have to use Media Portal ever since GBPVR upgraded it graphics requirements my geforce 5200 won't cut it anymore. I've always found the free stuff more customizable. Still waiting to graduate so that I can build a fully functional setup like yours.

    All of the stuff I suggested was free but a pain to set up (not going to lie).
  2. Thanks a lot. I'll look into those and should be able to get everything working fine, i hope. I have plenty of time to mess around with it so i figure its only a matter of time before it all works.
  3. Yeah let me know if you run into any troubles. I've been building HTPC's for a while now with computers people were throwing out.
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