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  1. Hello, I need a big help with my Device i have a 51 in 1 Media Reader and its not being detected since i remove it and re attached it to the USB head, i need to remove it so i could hook up 2 new Usb ports,

    theres no manufactor on the media reader, but im getting a power light, and i use to get about 4 removable device i now get none!

    but i do have a unknown device in system so i really need any soluations out there if tryed so many thanks :hello:
  2. Go to your device manager and uninstall the usb root hubs. Then restart the PC. The hubs will reinstall themselves and recognize the hardware connected to them.

    If after that it is still unknown, then you need to install the drivers for your device.
  3. Hello thanks for you reply, i unistalled both hubs and restarted still no luck, i cant find any drivers people were saying xp will automatically detect but it keeps detecting it as Unknown Device, on the usb header i have 4 pins,

    Ground, D-, D+, VCC, and it has an adaptor so itll fit nicely into the usb header but it has power but dosnt seem to come up in my computer, so maybe i think i just need a driver, each time i try updating it keeps saying cannot update current drive.

    Any other advance tips i can try out? Thanks :hello:
  4. Somewhere on the reader there should be a manufacturers mark. If you can find the manufacturer, you can get the drivers from their website.
  5. oh i did that earlier and, on the chip it said Alcor micro, and the code went to there website its the same drivers as the ones i got on cd, anyway i tryed them and still no luck could there possibley be a problem with (d- or d+) on the usb header? could they come lose> Thank You
  6. It's not impossible, but it's not likely. Your PC is recognizing an unknown device, so the connection is there. The problem is, the PC doesn't know what the device is. That's where the device drivers interact with the usb port.

    Since you have the CD, I'm assuming that you've already installed the drivers off the disc......
    Are you using front panel or back panel usb ports? First, you should try a different usb port. If that doesn't work, uninstall the usb root hubs, uninstall the device, and then restart the PC.
  7. Hello, i tryed that again still no luck, the device is internal so its connected to the USB headers on the motherboard, ive tryed each header they both work but this device dosnt seem to want to wake up :sweat:
  8. I gotcha. It's an internal usb reader, right?

    What is your mobo model?
  9. Yeah internal, the mobo is, Evga, Nforce 780i SLI
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