<kicks dead horse>
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  1. Moderating the forum is a tough and rough job. Baron is one of those people that is extremely annoying and lies a lot. He makes illogical arguments, etc..

    However, he usually stays on the good side of the line or at least the gray area. So what exactly are we asking the moderators to act on?

    I have an appreciation for the situation the moderators are in right now.
  2. It will be interesting to see how long this thread takes to get locked :D
    Anybody taking bets?
  3. Quote:
    if Baron decides to join where the others and myself have went

    For that reason I have removed the link from my post. Sorry for being so absent minded.
  4. TBH i've not seen Baron getting out of hand too much yet but haven't really looked for it either. I do however remember a certain ROBSLIN messing uo everything he apeared in. I just hope for your new forums sake he doesn't make it there 8O
  5. What does this have to do with CPUs?
  6. Making this your first post was not a good idea.
    Or do we know you? :wink:
  7. WAAHHH! JumpingJack chose to no longer contribute to this forum!

    WAAHHH! JumpingJack and BaronMatrix couldn't play nice with each other!


    So, I ask you why did we let this happen? The one who should have left is not JumpingJack, but BaronMatrix. Now, what do you propose we do about this situation?
    Why did we let what happen? Let JumpingJack leave? I'm quite sure Jj is grown up enough to make his own decisions and "we" didn't let him do anything he didn't choose to do. While you may not agree with and obviously don't like BaronMatrix are you suggesting/advocating that other forum members harass or belittle BM into leaving? What exactly are your intentions by creating this thread. Me personally, what do I propose to do about all of this, not a fv*king thing!

    Given this is your first post, this thread is suspect. Who are you really?
  8. Dead Horse Burgers! Get your Dead Horse Burgers here!
  9. Walks in..

    ::Looks around::

    Kicks dead horse...

    Yup its dead....
  10. ZZZzzzzzz
  11. I don't post much but I do read a lot and what I've found is there is a lot of assholes on this forum so whats one more.
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