mobo temp is high?


i have an Asus P5B-Plus running with E6600, Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 2X1024MB 800MHZ CAS4 CL 5-5-5-12, LEADTEK 8800GTS 640MB
AI Suite showes me MB Temp Is 43C when not busy and 49-50C at Work
and PC PROBE(also came with my mob Disks) is Beeping when MB Temp Is above 45C
Is it high or not?

any help will be appriciated
thenx jess :lol:
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  1. do you have good fans on your case? Are they obstructed by cables, cards, etc?
  2. Yes I have a Thermaltake Armor Jr3000 with 2X120mm and i connect them directly to the PSU

    I think they are running OK
  3. That does seem pretty high for motherboard temps.

    Did this just start recently? Summer can be pretty bad for computers.
  4. its a new system one month 3 weeks old
    there is somthing i can do to cool it?

    maybe its not working good its new mobo
    is there a way to check if everything working good
    overall checking?

  5. Make sure if your MB has a fan on the northbridge that it's still spinning. I had one go out on me. You could get an aftermarket one that could help bring the temp down.
    And definitely consider the temp of the room.
  6. Your board temps may be normal for an nforce chipset. I wouldn't change fans unless you don't need to use warranty. Asus has a 3 year warranty, last time I checked.
  7. There is an outside chance that you have an airflow problem, but this sounds almost like the same problem I had with my Asus board. From my previous experience with my AMD 5600+ and Asus MB I think that Asus reads the temps differently than other MB manufactures. I sent my chip and MB back because PC Probe was reading at idle 50C. I bought a C2D 6420 and a Gigabyte Nforce 650i board and both the BIOS and EasyTune read it 15C idle. Unless you are having stability issues I wouldn't worry about it. If you are, I would consider getting a different board manufacture.
  8. The 8800gts is a nice card that exhausts heated air out the back. Unfortunately, not all of the hot air goes out the back. A fair amount of it is recirculated through the four slots near the back. I helped my case, cpu, and vga temps by adding a slot cooler like this: below the vga card. With the side of the case open, put your fingers under the four slots and feel how much hot air comes out.
  9. I wouldn't be too worried. My motherboard idles at 40C with an ambient room temp of 25C.

    When I had a watercooling kit and an Accelero X2 on my X1900XT, my mobo temp got as high as 55C-60C. But that was due to lack of airflow, yet everything worked just fine.

    Bottom line: You should be alright. If you're worried about it, either buy some 40mm fans, or replace them with a different heatsink.

    For me, my ASUS P5W DH Deluxe came with some caps... I removed them and it dropped it 1C~3C. Adding a 40mm fan to it dropped it another 1C~3C. Would have dropped it lower, but I set the 40mm fans to low as I was trying to keep my computer quiet as possible.

    In the end, I broke my X1900XT removing the Accelero, hence this got rid of most of my heat problems in one of the most hurtful ways.

    The 8800s are known for high heat.

    Wouldn't worry about it too much as long as your computer doesn't lock up. Just keep your eyes on the temps over the summer and you should be fine :wink:

    Also, remember to dust out your case about as often as you do driver updates for your video card :idea:
  10. Thank you very much
  11. Just as an FYI, I have a Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4 board with a CD2 6420 and it never gets above 30C under full load with the stock HS. I would be interested if someone else out there had a C2D 6600 like you do with a different manufacture board to see if the temps are drastically different than what Asus is reporting.
  12. Don't worry, I think your temperatures are nominal. CPU's are designed to throttle back or shut off if they get too hot. The beeping is because the temperature is higher than the warning threshold; I think you can adjust this. For what it's worth, with an ambient of 30c, I idle at 43, and peak at 60c.
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