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the problem that i am having on my computer is my start button that has the date and time moved from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen can some one help me with my problem?
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  1. Right click on the taskbar, go to taskbard properties and then select the position that you would like. Either that or simply drag it to where you want it.
  2. i was abele to drag the taskbar back down to the bottom of the screen can i lock the taskbar at the bottom of the screen?
  3. jacob rodriguez said:
    i was abele to drag the taskbar back down to the bottom of the screen can i lock the taskbar at the bottom of the screen?

    Sure, right-click on it and select "Lock the Taskbar".
  4. thank you i have been able to lock the taskbar i hope the problem i was having does not return.
  5. jacob rodriguez said:
    thank you i have been able to lock the taskbar i hope the problem i was having does not return.

    It's not really a problem, you were just clicking and dragging the toolbar like it was made to do. It's a bit tough to do this accidentally, you may need to go to mouse using school ;)
  6. that is funny but what happened was my taskbar is usually at the bottom of my screen about three weeks ago i turned on my computor and the taskbar was stuck at the top of my screen i do not what unstuck the taskbar but i was able to drag it back down i do have a replacement hard drive and motherboard it seems to me my computer is working fine.
  7. hang-the-9 i forgot to tell you i have a gatway 842 GM media center intel pentium4 computer i replaced my hard drive and motherboard about a year ago i have not noticed my computer running hard or any thing strange with my computer.
  8. I forgot to ask you if you know if there is a way to get rid of some message's that i have been trying to get rid of they are telling me local area connection 3 network cable un plugged firewalled pantech UM185 WWAN driver and the other says local area connection 6 network cable unplugged firewalled intel(R) pro/100 VE newtwork i used to have high speed internet before but now i have a portable broadband modem please reply as soon as you can.
  9. Go into the network connections. It will list each of the connections that are setup. You should see your connection, and it should say connected underneath it. The other connections listed, may say 'cable unplugged' underneath them. You can right click and disable them, or simply delete them if you don't want them.
  10. when i go into device manager i have checked under modems there are two modems listed the first is pantech um185 the second one is pci soft data fax modem with smartCP now under network adapters there is three listed the first is 1394 net adapter the second is intel(R) PRO/100 VE network connection the third is pantech um 185 WWAN driver now under network connections it says dial-up cricket broadband connection connected,firewalled pantech um185 beneath that it says lan or high-speed internet it says local area connection 3 network cable unplugged,firewalled pantech um185 WWAN driver next to that is 1394 connection connected,firewalled 1394 net adapter and next to that there is local area connection 6 network cable unplugged,firewalled intel(R) PRO/100 VE network connection i have tryed to disable or delete the ones that are not connected but it will not allow me to do that.
  11. The 1394 connection is fine.

    Local area connection 3 and local area connection 6 are likely the ones giving the messages. What options do you have when you right click on them? If delete or disable isn't listed, just click on them and hit the delete button.
  12. when i right click local area connection 3 the options i have are disable bridge connections create shortcut rename properties now for local area connection 6 the options are the same.
  13. if i disable or delete the ones that are not connected will i still have a connection to the internet is there any way that i can use something different than the 1394 adapter and the soft data fax modem with smart cp and the intel pro/100 ve network connection.
  14. You aren't using the disconnected connections, so deleting them won't cause any harm. They are likely old connections, or an oops. If you aren't using the fax modem for a connection, you could disable that one as well. You can always re-enable the connection later if you'd like.
  15. before having my portable broadband modem i used to have high speed internet through qwest i had it connected to my computer with a router but the router was not working corretly and before having the high speed internet i used to have dial up does that have something to do with what is happening.
  16. The dial up connection would explain the fax modem. If you no longer use that, that's another connection that can be disabled or deleted.

    Since you're using broadband, only the LAN connection that shows as 'connected' is the one you need to keep.
  17. i do not understand what is going on with my computer i delete the pci soft data fax modem with smart cp and the intel pro/100 ve connection and the 1394 net adapter or any of those or all of those i do not get a connection to the internet.
  18. i tried deleteing those just a short while after picking up my computer from staples i left it the way it is because i have a connection to the internet.
  19. You can leave the 1394 connection.

    The local area connection that shows as 'connected,' is the only one you need. That's the connection that is giving internet access. Do you see a LAN connection that shows as 'connected'?
  20. yes.
  21. Ok, under the Local Area Connection section, highlight and delete all of the connections, besides the one that shows as 'connected.'
  22. i just did the error messages are gone.
  23. should i restart my computer now.
  24. i just restarted my computer before i did in device manager i deleted the connections that are not connected when my computer was finished restarting every thing i deleted cam right back.
  25. You deleted the connections, and they came back after restart?? Did they delete successfully before you restarted?

    The fax modem can probably be removed from the PC. That would take care of that.
  26. now the 1394 connection is still connected it says to restart the connection and try to establish full connectivity click repair it says windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: TCP/IP is not enabled for this connection cannot proceed for assistance contact the person who manages your network.
  27. yes i waited untill they deleted.
  28. Are you using a wireless or ethernet connection? Your LAN connection shouldn't be using the 1394 connection.
  29. i use wireless what i have is a crcket 185c portable broadband modem it is a pocket modem.
  30. So you're using a USB wireless adapter? That means you should have a Local Area Connection that is showing as connected.
  31. yes, i have 1394 net adapter connection.
  32. is there anyway that i can enable the TCP/IP is there any other connection i can use instead of the 1394 net adapter i do not know if you need this information about my computer my computer is windows xp gateway 842 gm media center intel pentium 4 processer 630 supporting ht technology processer speed 3.0 ghz 800 mhz fsb 2 mb l2 cache 200 gb sata hd 7200 rpm with 8 mb cache 1024 mb ddr dual-channel memory double-layer 16x multi format dvd+/- rw 3 firewire 7 usb ports intel graphics media accelerator 900 pci-express slot available intel pro 100 mbps lan digital memory card reader 8-in-1 the digital media manager has usb sd/mmc/sm/ms-pro cf/microdrive.
  33. the replacement mother board and hard drive that staples used are the same as the ones the manufacturer that is what the computer tech told me as well as the manager.
  34. i am looking in device manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers intel(R) 82801fb ultra ATA storage controllers 2651 intel 82801fb/fbm ultra ATA storage controllers 266F primary IDE channel primary IDE channel secondary IDE channel under IEEE 1394 bus host controller it says OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller does that have anything to do with what is happening.
  35. in device manager there is computer,disk drives, display adapters,dvd/cd-rom drives,human interface devices, ide ata/atapi controllers,ieee 1394 bus host controllers,keyboards,mice and other pointing devices,modems,moniters,network adapters,ports(COM&LPT),processors,sound video and game controllers,storage volumes,system devices and universal serial bus controllers.
  36. is there anybody that can help me with my problem?
  37. Right click on the 1394 connection-->properties-->TCP/IP should be listed in there. Make sure the box is checked.
  38. yes it is checked.
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