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Hi all,

I have spent a long time reading these forums and getting alot of advise, now it has come to the time I actually need some solid help.

I have recently ordered this PC

Quad core 6600/2.40GHz
Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus 775
2x Corsair TWIN 2x2048 - 6400 2GB sticks
320Gb 16MB SATA2
8800GTX 768MB
in and TT Armor Case.

Through reading these forums and others I have read varying views on 8800GTX being run at 1680x1050 and 1920x1440. Being 22" and 24" respectfully.

1) Will this system handle games (as this is what it is for)
2) Do I have to look at a 24" to avoid the 1680x1050 res? or does it run fine on a 22"?

3) The 22" I am lookng at is the Asus MW221U 2ms - will this do? or should I upgrade to 24"?

This rig will be for solid gaming both single player and online. I have recently moved from consol gaming and hence need someones view on the rig, the card and system, and the proposed monitor.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. First, you're posting in the wrong section, this should be in "homebuilt".

    Second, are you aware that Intel is cutting the price of the Q6600 in HALF next month?

    Third, yes that is a killer rig. I haven't heard of any resolution problems with that card. Could you be more specific? Link to articles you've read about?

    What PSU are you using? That's a beefy setup, it needs some JUICE! Which OS are you using? 64bit I hope?

    You shouldn't have any problem playing any games at any setting really. That's about as powerful as you can get. I would have looked into another 8800GTX over the quad core CPU, but that's not really necessary right now, you can always add another one down the line.
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