Hi..I have a Blue Error Screen Stop:0x00000050..Page_Fault_In_NoPaged_Area..keyb

HI..My daughter has a Gateway One...A blue error screen came up Stop:0x00000050 {Page_Fault_In_NoPaged_Area..I got a link from Gateway...but we have to be able to disable the auto restart..and when I do the F8 and get to that screen her keyboard locks up and we cannot even arrow down to get to it...I tried putting in the Vista Operating CD and a restore disk..it doesn't take it...it won't do anything...when your turn it off and on again...it acts like it wants to start and comes to a screen that says start windows normally and we click on it and it says windows files are loading and then come up to the blue error screen once again...HELP..Please..
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  1. sounds like you might have corrupt system files or bad drivers. I would suggest to first diag your hardware before you go any further. Search for "the ultimate boot disk" this has a bunch of utilites that are bootable from the disc that will help you diagnose a bad hard drive or RAM.

    PLease post back if you find anything.
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