(Newbie) do i need any mod to OC E4300 to 3.00 Ghz

hey considering buying the E4300 with a view to oc it to about 3.00 been assured this is a simple process, my case will be

Xclio 3060-25 Midi Tower Case 25cm Side Fan Super Cooling Dual Core Ready w/o PSU

my PSU will be 520W Corsair HX Series Modular

Oh and i'm going to have a 8800 gts card as well

will i need to do any modding do i need any heatsink to do this oc ing?

will this case with one huge side fan be cool enough no extra room for fans?

I'm really new and have never built nor O'Ced or done anything with a Pc other than use one before, any help would be greatly appreciated :P
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  1. 3ghz is a pretty tame oc, but you should still get an aftermarket hsf. The Tuniq Tower 120 and Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme are the best of the best when it comes to air cooling, they both can be had for $50-$60 each. They're kinda overkill for a 3ghz oc, but your temps can never be to low! If they're to expensive, an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro is another awesome choice, it's much better then the stock Intel hsf, and it's only $22 at Directron.
  2. thanks so much for replying much needed.

    reason im looking at 3.00 Ghz is because its aparently simple to do with the E4300 and 667 memory, will maybe try more advanced stuff with a bit more confidence.

    do i need paste or glue or anything special to put this all together?
  3. Check the overclocking forum for a sticky or two and more help about overclocking the Core 2 Duo.


    As far as building a computer there is loads of information on the internet. This is one:


    I would wait 2-3 months before overclocking a new PC to give it time to settle in.
  4. Artic silver would be a good paste to get to go with the Freezer Pro7 or other fan.

    I know I got my E4300 to 3.2 Ghz on the Freezer Pro7 and artic silver while just using stock voltage. I actually tweaked my PC back to 3.0 just because I could not really tell a difference and it ran a little quieter.
  5. I have added the arctic pro 7 and some silver paste to my order list.

    how does the pro 7 add on to my cpu do i need glue or can it just clip on?

    thanks guys
  6. They are not glued.

    Pressure from the clips holds them together.
  7. thanks zenmaster once again great help, think I have my final list now will be posting it on my homebuilt topic to see if thats everything i need to put it together and run it, going for vista 64 bit premium what do you reckon to vista?
  8. Good choice, the Freezer is excellent for the price. probably one of the best price/perf/noise ratio out there

    Normally all you have to do is set the FSB to 333mhz (667(DDR)/1066(DDR Dual Channel, all equivalent.) instead fo the 266 and voila, 3ghz. Even with defautl setting you should be Ok.

    Nice PSU, depending on the mobo there is some nice guide on teaking/ocing.
  9. Do you have a particular reason for Vista?

    If not, I would stick with XP.

    Vista will be good, but vendors are still ramping up good support.
  10. kind of want vista as its new and i guess more future proof than xp, also don't want to have to upgrade it in the near future.

    also i've really been enjoying finding all this info out and think this may become a long term hobby.

    with that in mind my chosen mobo the p35 can handle a quad core so may get one of them in a year or so, think vista would be better for this? (but not sure). I have no interest in sli just yet so its ok on that front.

    can take 8mb is this enough for quad cores?
  11. Just expect more incompatibilities today with Vista than XP.

    Not wanting to upgrade in the future is reasonable.
  12. Why does no one ever state what temps they're getting with their OC.
    My e4300 is at 2.9ghz, it goes further but the temps start to get up to 65c (according to Coretemp under load from prime95).
    I suppose a non 'tame' OC is going on till it becomes unstable, regardless of temps.

    If I didnt have a Ninja Plus Rev B on top of it and just the stock cooler, the temps would be way higher.
  13. Check the voltage that your Mobo is trying to push.

    Sometimes "Auto" is not very intelligent and puts in far too much.

    Swtiching off "Auto" and manually setting voltage cooled my CPU quite a bit.

    Initially just leaving the CPU at stock voltage cut temps alot at 3.0ghz.
    From that point I started lowering voltage on my CPU till it was well below stock and at 3.0Ghz and stable.
  14. Was that a reply to me?

    If so, yes the voltage is set to auto in the BIOS settings.

    Thank for the advice , I'll go see if setting the voltage lowers my temps.
  15. are there any good guides to setting voltages? I have seen tons of posts about "my .... got to 3.6ghz with a 2.2V..." or whatever. Considering my current sys is a athlon xp 2500 that was oc'd for a really long time, but recently started to become unstable so i had to turn it back into a 2500. I know nothing of the new voltages and where they should be, what is too high? that kind of thing. Any help would be appreciated? Also, is there any side effects of setting your voltages too low that would be negative on the proc in the long run?
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