Bootable dvd making software?

hi guys

i just copied the operating system i.e vista from my friends dvd onto my hardrive....and then i used nero 9 for making data dvd and made this vista dvd.....the files are on the dvd but it is not self booting at the startup of my system........but the setup runs when i play the dvd in my computer after xp starts.......i want it to boot at the there any application and what is the procedure to do so??

plz waiting for suggestions....thanks in advance for any help...... :)
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  1. that is illegal and you wont find any help here
  2. JEFE is absolutely right.


    I use "Imgburn" for legal freeware / open-source stuff like UBUNTU, though :kaola:

    Please make an ISO copy of your Linux operating system from the files.

    Then burn that ISO on to a DVD, & you're good to go.

    But I repeat do not go that route for copyrighted software though (Windows, Office, Photoshop, Sony Vegas etc). It's illegal & you can go to jail for that.

    Yaar, yeh sab kisi hindustani site par poochh. Yeh log sab kharus, harami, amreeki hai.
  3. there should also be a option to make boot-able media in better burning software like Nero and equivalents.
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