Lost 100gigs of data :(

After finding out my entire C drive was infected I decided to reinstall windows. I have WD 600G HD (50gigs dor C rest for D). I formated the C drive and installed windows. After installing SP2 the D still didn't show. So I decided to redistribute the unallocated space to C: using partition magic 8. Unfortunately I didn't get my data back? SO lost forever :( or should I spend 5 hours with Ontrack Easy recovery to look for it?
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  1. It sounds like your partition may have been deleted. If that's the case, it's gone.

    Try booting off the OS disc like you're going to install windows. When it asks what partition you want to install windows on, see if your missing partition is there.
  2. Yeah try the 5 hours on that program i used it before, and choose the delete options i think and it found my deleted or formatted info was really good, just try it so try recover a few of your files :hello:
  3. try ZAR first!! the software is fantastic for retrieving lost data. it can find data on damaged partition tables and data that you thought was looongg gone!!!

    Its not free but at least you will know if your data is retrievable.
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