Does RAID require a Floppy Disk Drive?

If you install harddrives in RAID 0, do you need a floppy drive or can it be done without it, and if it can how.
Need help!
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  1. Assuming you're using an onboard controller - it will most likely require the drivers from floppy but check your mobo manual to make sure.
  2. Are you installing the Raid to be an O/S or just as a secondary drive? If it's an O/S, XP will need the drivers. Vista may not need the drivers from the floppy.
  3. Its going to be a brand new system, im going to build it custom with windows vista home prem, nd i was wondering because i wasnt planing on buying a floppy drive but it seems to be a requirement
  4. Floppy drives are pretty cheap - I think I paid $12 for a Sony from Newegg :). However I'd check Microsoft's website to see if Vista has the RAID drivers for your mobo built-in. For example, with XP original (no SP) I had to either stick in a floppy with the RAID drivers during setup or create a bootable CD with floppy emulation (RAM disc) and copy the RAID drivers there, then run Setup from the DOS prompt. However with XP Media Center Edition the RAID drivers were included on the setup disc. Since Vista is even more recent it's worth a shot to check and see, maybe save $12 :). Or just borrow the floppy drive from your old computer to use temporarily.
  5. No,
    It can be done from CD-ROM
    Just google the subject
    Easiest way is to slipstream the drives to your OS cd.
  6. It depends on your chipset. I was able to install Vista to a RAID0 array on my nForce 570 chipset without a floppy drive or driver, it detected the array automatically. XP SP2 did require one, though.

    If it does require a driver, just slipstream the driver for your RAID controller onto a new Vista installation DVD using vLite or something. The wizard will let you slip extra drivers onto the DVD image, which you then burn to a blank disc. Then you use that to install Vista on the array. But you don't need to slipstream the driver if Vista already supports your RAID controller.

    What chipset will you be using, by the way? We can help you more if we know your system configuration.
  7. Quote:
    It can be done from CD-ROM
    Just google the subject
    Easiest way is to slipstream the drives to your OS cd.

    You can slipstream all the windows update, all the new drivers required for video card, mb, chipset, sound, nic, etc at the same time!!!

    Very useful :D
  8. ok what if you are installing vista w/ RAID and there is no floppy controller on the motherboard like the
    Intel DP35DP?

    were do you have to put the drivers in?

    add them to vista CD ?

    Jump or flash drive?

    and if CD were do they go and windows can find it in installation ?
  9. The Vista installer will let you add drivers using a flash drive.

    The XP installer won't, since it's "DOS-ish."

    You can use vLite to slipstream your drivers into your Vista installation source.
  11. With Vista, you don't need a floppy drive. It can read them off a CD or a USB drive.

    With XP you would have to use nLite to put them into your install CD, still no need for a floppy drive.
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