How To open .TAR.XZ ????

How do I open a .tar.xz file, on mac?
The complete filename is "libpng-1.4.3.tar.xz".
I download the file from here:

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  1. Not heard of .xz files. Why not just download the .gz one then use tar?
  2. .xz is in theory supposed to compress better then .gz, but you will need some new software to extract them.

    In linux, xz-utils can do it:

    I would imagine there is a OSX program that could do it for you, but i couldn't tell you what it is right off hand.
  3. In my opinion, using xz for libpng was an idiotic move. By installing yet another mini-app, I save a few more bytes on my terabyte hard drive. Why not wait until the major players have incorporated it. This rant comes from the fact that most will spend more time figuring out how to extract the lib than it takes to install it. So does xz really represent progress? In this case the answer (IMO) is no.
  4. ??? Why not

    I'm supposed to turn to a private company to get a plug-in for a GNU tool (tar) which I downloaded from, so I can unpack GCC so I can build Linux_From_Scratch?

    Something doesn't compute here! ....
  5. Why have you hijacked this thread, and what on earth are you on about? Just download the LFS Live CD. If you want to ask questions about it (having read the documentation first) I'd suggest that you start your own thread in the Linux forum.
  6. .xz is the file extension commonly used for LZMA2 compression of a single file.

    The reason it is .xz and not .7z is because it's a tarball.

    Decompress the .xz, then un-tar the tarball.

    Is there a version of 7-Zip for Mac?
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