I'm not sure what's happening!

My computer seems to be "forgetting" some settings every time I restart it. I'm running only nod32 and zone alarm pro right now, in an effort to determine what is cleaning my cookies every time I restart. It seems to also reset some settings such as folder viewing options (although not all of them). Is it resetting things that I have changed recently? Anybody heard of such issues from nod32 or zonealarm pro? I know nod has an antispyware component as well as an antivirus component...

I'm at wits end. I just finished a clean install to rid myself of these types of gremlins, and they just wont go away! Is there some sort of setting I should change? I'm running ie8.

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  1. Check your internet settings in the control panel to see how often it is set to clean out your temp files.
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