AntiVirus Sites Blocked Even After Clean Install.

Hello all.
For some unknown reason my anti virus will not update as it says there is no connection that it could find to update with, which I find rather suspicious. I could neither access ANY antivirus websites either. ex,,

So I done a clean install formatting my hard drive fully and starting from scratch. And to my fear I still could not access ANY antivirus sites still.

I had only installed AVG Free and Firefox. Even before I connected the net to the computer I put AVG on just to be safe and it still would not update.

I checked Windows Firewall. nothing.

Hosts File. nothing.

Modem Configuration. nothing (Speedstream 4200)

I may have to consult my ISP to figure out what is wrong, but I would much rather prefer and answer from the tech community.

Pleese HELP!!

Thankyou. :)
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  1. Are you sure the AVG program you installed isn't infected?

    Are you on a network w/ a proxy?
  2. Are you using a router of any kind?
  3. oops, sorry
  4. No. I am certain that AVG is not infected as I downloaded it from the AVG Website at a friends place, and installed it on his computer along with mine, and Mine would not update properly nor could I access ANY antivirus sites but my friend could update his and access antivirus sites..

    So it might be a prob with the ISP, and I don't use any proxys either. I'm certain of it.
  5. If your friend was able to access those exact same sites with the same exact connection on his comp , it's definitely your comp. But, this is very strange. Are you sure you are not connected on a wireless connection or behind a router , firewall? Are you sure you did not load any other programs after the clean install? And if you did what exactly did you install . You have to be clear on what you did, because there is no way you can not access those particular sites enless you already have a rogue virus or virus or blocked by that rogue program to prevent removal. Just for kicks check your cable box settings. or whatever the default ip is for that box.
  6. Are you connecting wireless or lan?
  7. Try booting into safe mode w/ networking. See if you can access the sites and run AVG from there.
  8. No. I'm not on a wireless network, I'm on a direct broadband connection through a wall telephone socket.

    Guess I might have to do another clean install if the Safe Mode test does not work.

    Or, do you guys think I could tell AVG to try and connect through a proxy?

    I might try accessing AVG website through or something like that.
  9. I don't think running through a proxy will help.

    How'd the safe mode test come out?
  10. I have exactly the same problem - access is denied even in safe mode

    i managed to get a macafee av loaded via a back door but when running it says there is no internet access (even though there is) and stops.

    i have tried an install of avg from a pendrive - but this crashes with a connection error (presumably internet again)

    i can access stopzilla but again the install across the net fails

    i have actually re-formattted my C: drive and installed an image taken last august (good working system) but the problem remains.....which I find astounding.

    windows update access is also denied - even with a formatted C: drive and a fresh xp pro install

    any ideas?
  11. you can access any other internet sites? just not antivirus and windows update?

    what's a ping return?

    what's nslookup return?
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