HP Laptop won't boot "load needed DLLs for kernal"


I was given an HP Compaq nx9010 Laptop from work around early 2004. I only use it for typing, MS Office, Internet stuff like that.

Any way it was always running kind of slow but it's been useful and hasn't ever given me any boot up trouble.

So today I power it up, it boots in Windows XP like always. It freezes up in XP before I can do anything, I can move the mouse around but can't do much else, can't click.
So I restart it, It shows up the usual HP sign and asks me if I want to enter setup like it always does, than instead of showing the XP logo the screen goes black stays like that for 2-3 min than it says "load needed DLLs for kernal".

Please report this problam as: load needed DLLs for kernal. Please contact your support person to report this problem"

Now to make things worse the dvd-rom on this laptop stopped working about 2 years ago, so I can't insert the XP cd and repair it or boot from there, nor can I boot from USB, only floopy. Anyone know what I should/could do. I have very important files on the hard drive that I can't lose.

BTW I’m only a user on this pc because it was given to me from work they have an administrator account.

Anyone know what I should do?

Thanks upfront.
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  1. Have you tried safe mode?
  2. ^^
    Can't get into safe mode, or any other mode. If I go Safe mode it shows up some files and freeze up.
  3. Hi, you are limited on options here, but data is what you need to get back. Since, CD drive is out, can't boot TO SM. The best, fastest way is to take the hard drive out and get an adapter IDE or sata, but more than likely it is IDE then plug to usb and retrieve the important data. It's fairly easy and you can pick up the adapter in most computer shops. OR you can get a cheap USB cd and boot from the usb CD , so you can least run a repair or run POWERSUITE to retrieve your desktop. Does the cd module pop out?
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