Suggestions on a printer, please?


I need a new All-In-One printer. I've looked at about 100 different models, and tried to check reiews. But I was hoping for a little real life recommendations.

I need it to have:

Price: $200-$250
Fax capability
Flatbed scanner.

I will not be using it for alot of photo printing.

I have looked at Canon, HP's, and Lexmark moslty.

Like I said, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have an HP inkjet printer, not an all in one however, which I chose for the ink cartridge (price per volume mL).
  2. Considering that some printers are cheap, the cartidges are what brings up the price as a co-worker bought one of the cheap ones on sale but then it costs $80 to fill it with ink cartridges.
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