Installing WinXP on a HP DV8120ca laptop with a broken monitor


Could anyone help me figure out how to re-install Win XP Home on a laptop, whose integral monitor does not work, using an external monitor.


I have a HP DV8210ca laptop with Win XP Home. The laptop's monitor was kaput when I bought it for a low price and I also couldn't create rescue CD/DVDs. So, I bought myself a 22" BenQ LCD monitor that I connected to the laptop and have been using it as a desktop for some time now.

In the last couple of days, I have had a "Advanced Virus Remover" infection that does not look to go away anytime. After trying for 5-10 hrs to remove the infection (I am pretty IT savvy), I have decided to re-install WinXP as my best bet going forward.

Could someone help me figure out how to install Win XP Home using the external monitor?

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  1. Try going into your BIOS and check if you have the option to USE CRT OR LCD. Make sure your external monitor is plugged in while you are in the bios. Most Portables do. You should have a female 10 pin VGA serial port somewhere or do you not?
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