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I was looking at a list of hotkeys for windows XP and saw the command to flip the screen upside down (Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow). The problem is even though I read it was an XP command I tried it anyway on this system using Vista.

The result was changing my screen display to a very low resolution. "Strange" I said, so i restart my system to find my display at it's resolution before i pressed Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow seemingly fixing my problem.

Problem is when I go to look at my display settings I see an "Invalid Display Settings" error and find that the resolution slider is all the way to the left as "-1, -1 pixels". Also, I cannot run any games.

I did try "Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow" but nothing seemed to change.
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  1. Try hitting Ctrl+Alt+Down again
  2. Try hitting Ctrl+Alt+Down again, see wot that duzz
  3. Pressing "Ctrl+Alt+Down" again seems to have no effect, still have the problem.
  4. Go into safe mode (F8 at startup) and change the display setting from there. If you are using a third party app like Nview or the catalyst from ATI use that instead to override the settings.

    You may need to uncheck a box that displays "hide resolutions my screen cannot display" I have seen this block resolutions that a screen can really display.

    Post back with what you found!
  5. Are Nview and catalyst programs for graphics cards for their respective manufacturers? If so, I have an intel graphics card. Specifically "Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family" on the "HP Pavilion dv6000" notebook.

    I went into safe mode, checked out my display settings and everything looked normal. I could slide the resolution from left to right and the "hide resolution my screen cannot display" is indeed unchecked on both safe mode and normally.

    Unfortunately I still have the problem when I go back to normal mode.
  6. Yes Intel should have something like "Inetl Monitor" (not sure but its close) Usually an icon of a screen in the taskbar tray. You can try that as well.

    Also DV6000's have been known to have all sorts of issues. Owning a computer repair shop, I see these at lease twice a month if not more. DV6000 owners keep me in business!
  7. Hehe, well I haven't had any other problems with it other than this. I've been using it for about 10 months now.

    I know what you're saying about that icon in the tray but since I had this incident it refuses to load when double-clicked.
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    Is it possible for youto uninstall the video driver and reinstall it? Seems weird that the intel graphics program doesnt start.

    As always post back with your findings
  9. I've never done any uninstalling or reinstalling of any drivers before so I searched Google for a possible guide and found this.

    Though they do say Nvidia and ATI specifically I tried it anyway. I reached the "Section C windows" step 5 and was unsure what to do when running driver sweeper. Also, I don't know how to go about installing it again.

    Thankfully I found the System Restore program and restored to before I uninstalled and deleted all that stuff.

    So that's what I tried anyway, if you have any kind of guide that can help me that would be much appreciated. Thank you for helping me thus far.

    I'm not too concerned if I can't fix this because playing games is the only thing this is preventing me from doing. I plan on taking a course at a local college in January, hoping to get a job in IT. Hope to familiarize myself some obscure problems, otherwise I'd just have ignored it.
  10. Update: Hurray! It's fixed!

    Uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick.

    Here's the FAQ that helped me out
  11. glad to help!
  12. aaaah, please help! i have done the exact same thing (pressing control+alt+down, thinking it would flip my screen) and now i have nooooooooo idea how to change this D: im not very confident in reinstalling and sorting drivers and things out, please help if you can? :(
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