Can I go from Vista 64bit Basic to Windows 7 64bitProfessional?

I am getting a new PC and I want to get Professional because my CPU allows Virtualization. Now the PC is Vista 64bit Basic and if I purchase the Windows 7 64bit Professional will it allow me to upgrade?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Sorry I was incorrect, the computer will come with Vista 32bit basic, can i go from that to Windows 7 64bit Professional
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    Yes with a clean install. To be honest I wouldn't bother with Pro unless you really really really need an application that will not run under 7. The only real advantage is XP mode, however performance in a virtualized environment is less than ideal.
  4. I have a capture card that has XP drivers, the video works with Vista but the sound doesn't. The company refused to create new drivers for Vista so thats really the only reason I want Professional.
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