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after fresh win install(vista 64 bit) I can`t to install some applications and vista wmp isn`t working either.

I am unable to install many other programs like winamp, VLC player, MV2 player and so on.Always get error:

Any tips?

Regards, Tomas
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  1. This might happens because of the recent WMP updates if any or file corruption due to non microsoft software installation

    To resolve this :

    1. Click Start -> Type CMD on the “Start Search”
    2. Right click on CMD and click Run as Administrator
    3. Type unregmp2.exe /SwapTo:32 on the command prompt and hit enter key
    4. Close the command prompt and reboot the computer

    You should be able to open up Windows Media Player without any error. If the above steps didnt work then..

    Click Start -> Run -> Regedit -> Ok
    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Setup\\wmplayer.exe and delete wmplayer.exe

    Post back with your findings!
  2. I tried the first one already and it didn`t help.

    The thing iwth regisrty-there is no wmplayer.exe file in that directory :(

    Any more tips?
  3. It thinks it's already installed. Does it show in the add/remove programs list? You could try a registry cleaner like ccleaner to repair the install.
  4. No, Vista unfortunately don`t show WMP in add/remove list.And I tried ccleaner but nothing :(
  5. Go to add/remove programs-->click add/remove windows components-->check next to windows media player-->click next
  6. Start-->run--> sfc /scannow
    If the program is corrupt, it should show and fix it.

    WMP is built into Vista's OS (except in EU). It's virtually impossible to remove it.
  7. mhm, the window pops up however immediately it supposed to be like this please?
  8. The scan may be done. If it's done, restart the PC.
  9. didnt help :( guess i just go for win 7 tommorow
  10. It should've produced a log in this directory...What does it say?
  11. it has 54mb and its pretty long O.o
  12. nah...i am going to install win 7, wont waste any more time with vista.anyways thanks for the help!
  13. Lol...No problem

    Least you won't have to deal with WMP11 on windows7. You get WMP12.
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