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My dad has a HP Pavilion laptop, it was pretty expensive hence quite a decent spec but he keeps getting infested with worms, trojans, and other nasties of various descriptions. The problem is, he keeps surfing the more seedier areas of the net and hes asked me to clean it up for him.

I still have some things to do yet like run a HJT scan and fix and to check through the processes for lodgers etc but i wud like to sort one problem in particular which keeps starting up called `Magnifier`, its always on the desktop whenever i restart and ive tried suspending the process, quaranteening and even killing the `magnify.exe` process responsible but its having non of it. I know this process has vulnerabilities and has prolly been affected by some malware but it no longer responds to normal manipulation so i was wondering if it wud be ok to delete it from the system 32 folder ? Or change the registry value in some way to stop it in its tracks ?

If anyone could help me or give me the benefit of their experience, that wud be most helpful indeed.
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  1. Try this
    Go to the control panel|programs|turn windows features on or off and it will listed under accessability options.
    That should get rid of it.
  2. Use windows defender to disable this service. it should be there. Other programs that would help are Ccleaner, and Rivo unistaller.

    Make sure you clean that comp good otherwise there still may be something on there that will redownload more malware. Try multiple scanners (AVG, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Spybot, Glary Utilities) Those are all free just install and run only one at a time because they may conflict!
  3. Stiffex my suggestion would be to install a few pc cleaning programs to wipe out the nasty malware, ad-ware and spyware on your father's pc.

    You should also install some sort of easy-to-use firewall for him if it's a consistant problem :) let us know how you go mate.

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