New Vista 64 and need XP as well...

I've just ordered a new HP laptop and purchased Vista 64 to take advantage of the extra RAM for some CAD software that can use the RAM and is 64 bit software.

I have some software that does not like Vista 64.

How do I setup the new computer so that I can boot to XP 32 bit? I really don't want to slick the computer, install XP and all the drivers for the laptop, then install Vista 64 with all the drivers... Isn't there something I can do with it as it arrives to partition it off and install XP on a new bootable partition? Will this jepordize things in the future with possible corruption of something?

Do I purchase a partition program to split the drive and then install XP and all of the drivers to the new partition? If so, what is the best program that will do so without screwing up the system?

If I don't use something to split up the drive then what do I do short of wiping a brand new computer, installing XP SP3, then installing Vista 64? That is a lot of work to get the job done (drivers, etc.).

The computer is a HP HDX 18T with dual 250 drives. Can something be done with those to support a new dual boot environment?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Im not certain about that laptop but since it but dual HDDs does it give an option to boot from either one?
    If not basically what you will need to do is install XP and then insert the Vista disk and do a repair install.
    The RI will reset the Vista boot loader so that it can see the XP install.
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