New computer, can i use my old Vista

My old computer crashed and i bought a new one, i have a copy of Vista premiem upgrade, i got a while ago and used on my old computer, my new laptop has just basic, can i install my upgrade version on the laptop without any problems? Or will there be issues?
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  1. Yes you can install it on the new one providing it will no longer be used on the old one.
    You may find you can't activate it online becouse it's already activated and need to activate it by phone, the activation phone number should be displayed by Windows. Just tell them you are only using it on the new computer to get a new activation code.
  2. i jied to upgrade basic and it wouldnt let me upgrade , saying the basic is newer then my version, i dont want to do a clean install, any way around?
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    The most likely reason for that is that the new one has the latest updates and service pack which the instalation interprets as a newer version.
    Creating a new Vista disk with the latest service pack by slipstreaming them onto the Vista disk could work.
    Here is one tutorial on it, you can Goole for more information.
    and another:
    Or wait and see if someone can come up with an easier solution.
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