USB Root Hub and USB Bandwidth Problems

Hey, Im having crazy problems with USB exceeded Bandwidth, In device manager i have 2 Usb Root Hubs and when i right click and check properties then Power to see what prot belongs to what Hub but each time i connect a usb to each different port on my computer it only comes up in the 1st Usb Root Hub never in the 2nd one? is this odd?

I have 6 USB ports on the back and 2 in the front. so eight altogether.

Heres where the bandwidth problem comes in, I have connected at all times:

Logitech G15 Gamer Keyboard
Logitech G3 Gamer Mouse
Plantronics Headset
Usb Logitech Webcam

and when i try to do Voice+Video say in Msn or any program, i cant it wont work because Usb Bandwidth Exceeded!!

Its a new computer :bounce:

QuadCore - Intel
Motherboard: EVGA Nforce 780SLi
RAM: Corsair 3GB DDR2
GFX Card: Nvidia, 8800GTS 512

Thanks!! :hello:
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  1. Come on there has to be some computer genius out there with a solution
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