[HELP] Windows load takes forever

It started when i use Partition Magic..
there was a notification error said that Partition Magic can't read my Hard Drive, because of 'drive wrong naming' (i forgot the exact word) then came up an option 'do you want to fix it?' YES/NO - I chose YES
but after that, I can't go into to windows again (Vista64) it stuck on loading process forever

- Hard Drive are detected on BIOS
- When I use another 'health' HD with this 'broken' one, then the 'health' HD won't boot either, but it will normally boot again if I
unplugged the 'broken' HD
- When booting via Windows Installation Disk (tried to re-install Windows), it stuck again on windows loading

Any help? Thanks!
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  1. *correction: the OS is Win XP 32
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