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Recently, my MS word 2003, been having a problem. When I try to input a Numeric character code or ANSI code, such as ALT + 161, it does not appear to show up in MS word 2003. I've been looking for ways to solve this problem. Could it be possible that some how it was disable?If that the possibility, how could I enable it again? Is it a software error?
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  1. Silly questions probably, but:

    1) You are using the numeric keypad for this?
    2) You do have NumLock on?
  2. you can try reinstalling word
  3. I am using my laptop. It work with the other writing programs. But some reason, MS word doesn't let them use. I was wondering if someone knew how to reactivate it without un/re-installed again.
    thnks ^_^
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