Nasty computer issue... is mobo trash now?


My problem first started a couple weeks ago. My computer started 'shutting off' randomly. By shutting off I mean display and sound turns off, but the fans and everything is still seems to be running. First of course, I assumed it was a heat issue. I put all fans to max, took off the case, sat a big stand-alone fan by it. Temps were low, kept happening.

I had to hold the power button get it out of the "off" state each time. When I turned it back on, I kept getting keyboard not found errors. So I flipped the power supply switch off/on and tried again. It usually worked, but eventually the same thing happened. Then I unhooked and rehooked (nearly) everything and it was fine for a day. Then the same problems again.

Then I eventually unhooked and rehooked EVERYTHING and found that my power supply>motherboard connector was...slightly melted. The +5v DC lines had melted plastic caps. Great...

At this point I'm thinking it's a motherboard or power supply issue, probably power supply. So I did some research over the next couple days and eventually purchased a new Seasonic S12 650w for this computer and for future upgrades. In the meantime, I was working on scraping the melted plastic out of the motherboard connector so other power supplies would fit (this was NOT fun, I ended up using the pin of a nametag. Very few tools are small enough to fit in that spot, let alone scrape well).

So yesterday I got my new power supply and put it in. Everything seems fine, amazingly enough.

Today I start having issues. First it seems like I have some memory problems or something, then I get a 'shutting off' issue. I'm starting to worry. I touch the case, it's noticably hot. Open the cover, all the parts are hot. Hmm. I again take off the case cover, sit a fan by it. Ends up that the CPU fan was really low. It was accidentally turned down at some point and the case was probably sweltering because of that. Ok, I'm hoping at this point. The CPU started up at 59, went down to 52 at full load with the case off and CPU fan on high and house fan right there.

But. Same issue. So basically, I'm thinking that the old power supply probably had a bad line and probably damaged the motherboard in some way. Is this a good guess? Could it be any other parts? The motherboard also IS the oldest current part in my machine. I'm really wary about turning it on or trying anything because the power supply was expensive and I really don't want to melt this one too >_>

If it is the motherboard, I would hope to just get a new one for now until I'm ready for a further upgrade. But if it's possibly anything else, I'd probably just go for a larger upgrade.

Current setup:
a7n8x deluxe motherboard
3200+ downsped to 2800+ cause of fsb issues(I think, maybe it's a 3000+, w/e)
2 x 1 gig corsair 3200 ram
ati x800 xt pe (agp)
seasonic 650w high-efficiency power supply
1 80g harddrive, 2 250s in raid0

Any help or thoughts or anything? This computer's making me ;_;
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  1. I also have a couple of options of what to do.

    1. Get a new a7n8x deluxe. If it works fine I'd be happy.
    2. Get a new motherboard that supports agp. My card is still extremely good for everything I play, they're all cpu limited with no differences between framerates at high and low settings in general.
    3. Get a whole new system. Case, motherboard, processor, ram, graphics card. This would be... expensive, but I'd do it if I have to. And with either choices 2 or 3, I might run into windows issues because of the new motherboard. I really don't know if windows would work nicely or if the raid drives would work nicely for that matter.

    Opinions plz :P
  2. I'd check on a newegg open box motherboard. Monday or Tuesday night late is the best time, when they post new inventory. These are bare boards only, with no accessories, so look for the same board as you have now. I wouldn't use the old board anymore to prevent damage to the cpu.
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