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I just restored a system to a new hard drive because of a system crash. It was working fine until I put the old hard drive back in the computer for extra storage (it is ok). What happened was the system booted up from the new hard drive which it assigned as drive D but was running the programs from the old hd which was given drive letter C. I took the old hard drive back out again but now the start up on the new drive hangs at the light blue screen with the widows log and dark blue bands at the top and bottom right before you are ask to enter your password. I can restore again but I am hoping I can avoid it. Any suggestions?
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  1. Update: I have reinstalled the old hard drive and the system will boot. In computer management it show the new hd as D and as the system drive. The old one is C. Since all my shortcuts point to C all my programs are running from there. How can I get the old drive out?
  2. Update: The problem appears solved. I had to edit the registry to change the system drive letter C to the drive I wanted to boot and it worked. Thanks to: and anyone who read this thread to help.
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