Audio ads please help !

hi guys,

my pc had a pretty serious virus yesterday so i reformatted my hard drive and did a clean install.

the only things i have downloaded since are avg free anti virus, google chrome and divx codec package.

but for some reason i am getting annoying audio ads when browsing the net , there are no window pop ups or anything just random gaviscon audio ads, also it doesnt seem to matter what website i am on.

iv googled the problem and people are saying malware etc , but since its a clean install and these ^ ^ are the only programs i have downloaded so it surley cant be.

any advice on fixes would be great

ps iv tried the google chrome extension ad blocker but it hasnt stopped them
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  1. Try using firefox, and run the adblock plus extension, see if that helps at all. But a scan with Malware Bytes Anti Malware and with Spybot Search and Destroy wouldn't hurt. Also, just a preference, because I used to use AVG. Try Avast. Seems a little better than AVG, and one thing I love is that it has a pre boot scan option. I also run PC tools firewall plus. It should alert you if anything is trying to get in your computer.
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