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Hey all ...

I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section ... The mods can move it accordingly ...

My problem is that any and all flash content runs pathetically slow on both my systems ...

I have :

E8500 @ 3.6ghz
4gb DDRII 800mhz
Inno3D GTX 295 OC


P4 630 @ 3.3ghz
1gb DDR 400mhz
Inno3D 7600GT (agp)

Both systems have flash player 10,1,53,64 installed ... When I try update to the latest which is my firefox says can't install and I can't figure out why ...

All my flash Games play drastically slow and the few that have quality settings play slow even on low ... Normal flash movie type files play only on low and they are sorta smooth ...

WHAT IS MY PROBLEM ???? ... This cannot be normal !!!!

All help will be appreciated ...

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  1. For your first trouble, you might not be having the correct executable file for the FireFox browser.. Check about it.. Also ensure you are running the latest stable version of FF (not beta).. You do not have any hardware related problems surely.. Try changing your video card drivers (revert back and try older drivers also)..
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