My sata cables always needs to be changed

I run a computer based business which includes Burning dvds from hdd and Hdd - HDD file transfers. my problem is i have to change my sata cable often. cuz after one or two moths My dvd burning time increases and file transfer time also increases. but every time i change the cable to new ones, it gets back to normal. Is this Normal? If not what should i do?

thanks in advance
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  1. The most obvious answer would be to use higher quality cables. Run an e-Bay search within the Computer section for "SATA cable" then sort the search into "Price highest first". I just did and found some at £40 which surprised me a bit. Ignore the Apple ones - they may not work in a PC.

    Just buy one to experiment with in case this advice is total rubbish. :D

  2. i've never heard of such a thing. i've used nothing but the free cables which came with all of my pc parts without a hitch. performance on day 1 is similar to performance after a few years at least in terms of cables.

    i'm not sure of the brand but the ones i use all came with my top of the line asus and dfi motherboards so i'm sure they are a bit better than low-end junk cables but still i dont think they are expensive by any means.

    i agree, dont use junk cables. this doesnt mean however that you need to pay $40 each for one. buy from a well known brand and you should be fine. if you still have issues then perhaps there is a problem elsewhere. some component or software could be to blame instead of the cables. i'm not sure why a new cable would affect performance but sometimes pc problems are perplexing indeed.....
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