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Hey guys!

I'm setting up a brand new build for my in-laws. Just built the computer, 500GB hard drive. Unfortunately I forgot XP is different than vista and partitioned 50GB and installed XP there- effectively eliminating the other 450 GB.

So at this point I need to delete the partition and format the entire drive, and reinstall windows. I was having trouble booting from the CD, because when I would get to the "press any key to boot from CD" prompt anything I do on the keyboard does not seem to have an effect.

I can't go into windows and start the installation by having the CD autorun because it puts setup files on the partition I need to get rid of and does not allow me to delete it.

suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
thank you so much!!
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  1. I should state that I am using a USB keyboard and maybe have read that that could be my problem?

    When the computer first boots up, and I hit F12 key, it goes to the boot menu so the keyboard works then, but once it gets there I cannot scroll through the options. I HAVE altered the boot order in the BIOS.
  2. Go into the bios and enable legacy usb or something along that line.
    Does the pc have a ps/2 connection for a keyboard? Use one of those to get into the windows install where you can delete the partition and reformat it.
  3. well changing the boot order was unnecessary, at one time you cound have gone to the control panel and Adinistrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management and find drive 0, and tell it to create a partition with unformated space in the partition, then format that partition that you created, and you have access to all of the HDD, BTW you can create as many partitions at this time as you wish, give it a try and good luck
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