Name prints on top af all printed sheets, no header set!

Why does a name appear on the top of the page when I print? I had been researching ancestry and all of a sudden my grandmother's name is on top of everything I print!
I cannot find it entered in any areas under tools or set-up.
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  1. When you say "on top of everything I print" do you mean from that web site, or from any web site, any application?

    What type of printer do you have?
    How is it printing out, clear as the rest of the page or a bit dim like a background?
    If you have a laser printer, you will need to replace the fuser, the print of the name is stuck on it and will transfer to all of the pages.
  2. I have an HP Printer/Scanner, Desk jet. Everything prints out beautifully, except when I print anything from the internet, my grandmother's name appears in the top right corner. I was working on the family tree and somehow this started happening!
  3. So when you go to File, Print, Page Setup in the browser the Heading is normal?

    Maybe the name got put way to the right and is not visible when you view it. Select the whole Header field, see if it scrolls to the right.

    This is the default I.E. Header, you can paste in there. &w&bPage &p of &P
  4. That still does not work! Now I really AM confused! Why would it show after working on the family tree?
  5. I have reset all the header settings, reset the printer, and still the name shows at the top right hand of everything I print. AS I stated, this started after I had worked on, so I reset all those settings also.
    STILL has the name there. Any Ideas?
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