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How does the hardware or OS know that the SATA drive is externally connected in order to display the "Safe to remove" icon?
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  1. It picks up devices that are plugged into the external ports.
  2. that's true if you hook a SATA drive to a USB connection, first I am assuming that you have a E-SATA connectiopn, XP doesnt exactly see the SATA external drive unless it is on during boot, and you can turn it off at anytime but you will get error codes that the system can't write to the drive, if you turn the drive on when the computer is already running then you will need to go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management and find the drive and right click on it and tell it to Reactivate the Disk, if you tell it to turn it into a dynamic disk, the first thing it does is reformat the drive and you lose all the data on it
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