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Hi I have decided to change the thread title because it looks really Naive and I'm ~NOT that bad. I don't think,
My Win 7 Ult O.S i showing that is taking up 55gb in my C/ Partition why is this as
it is also only showing when i check Volume files seperately that there are only actually 20gb of files
there??? this is too much space surely to be using even with hidden files, How do I Remedy this??
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  1. Can you rephrase your question, I'm reading somethng about 50gb and 20gb, but I don't understand what you're saying about them...

    Keep in mind windows reserves space for page file on hdd, it also has restore points, updates and etc that it keeps literally archives of on your pc
  2. Did you upgrade from Xp or Vista?
  3. Yeah it's O.K I've sorted it, What and how I phrased it is pretty obvious even to the laymen, thanks anyway.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Did you upgrade from Xp or Vista?

    Hi, I went from XP to Win7 Ult. Is This relevant?
  5. Yes. because there is sometimes a windows old file that is left behind after the install and it can take up some space
  6. Oh O.K, well I fresh Istalled with a format of the drive after creating a Partition, So I don't think this will have been an issue, thanks for your help.
  7. You can't go from XP to Win7, You can go from XP to Vista and then from Vista to 7.
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