I recently activated my computer and it's been working fine. After about a month or so I go to turn on my computer one time and it says I need to activate windows. I click ok, then it says windows is already activated and logs me off. I can't do anything, when I say no to activation it logs me off also. I'm stuck. I can't even get on to save my info before I reinstall windows.
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  1. This is a job for Windows Help... sad to say but they would be the once to call on this literally. Say hello to John from Florida(AKA some Guy from India) for me...

    If you wont to do a windows reinstall, then that would work at least temperately, but to backup your stuff you can use a boot disk, I recommend the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows as it loads a full XP install and gives you tools to backup and do scans of your system outside the install on it. This all depends on having a computer that can download the files and build and burn the disc though. Sorry but its all I can recommend.
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