Windows XP Problems PLEASE HELP

So i bought a new computer and it was great, very fast, good graphics. BUT, suddenly one day after downloading some torrents and games it got screwed up. When you boot up it gets stuck on the screen where it says Windows Xp and a green bar loads. But it gets stuck there forever, never shutdown. I can only shut it down by pulling the plug so help me?
I know you do it through safe mode, right???
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  1. new computer with no A/V and you are playing in torrents, HELLO ANYONE HOME, start the computer in safe mode (boot F8) go to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore and restore it to a time before everything went south on you, restart in normal mode and see if things are OK, download NOD32, BUY it and use it maybe, just maybe it will save you a lot of grief when you go play in the sh**
  2. High chance it could be somekind of malware, as the poster above me said, your only chance most likley is to restore, however most malware disable system restore as soon as they infect cause its thier biggest threat, if you sucessfully boot into safe mode, and system restore works, then good for you because you got saved, if not, your only chance is reboot again but this time enter "safe mode with networking" this way you can connect to the internet, once you are there download a software called "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" its one of the best freeware scanner software against any kind of malware,
    -Download it
    -Install it
    -Update it
    -Full Scan!
    -If this doesn't work...sry pal looks like your computer is going have to be "renewed" if you know what i mean lol
  3. ^ +1
    Malwarebytes is a great/free program.
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