setting up RAID after the fact...Gigabyte DS3 and Jmicron

I would like advice on if this is possible and/or advisable. I'd like to set up a RAID 0 on my Gigabyte P965 DS3 board with 2 new hard drives. I already have the system set up booting one OS (XP pro). I would like to install two new hard drives in RAID and set up a Vista partition (onto which I would load the Jmicron RAID drivers), and dual boot with the non-RAID XP disk.

Is this possible to do without uninstalling my current XP installation?

Also, would this be an advisable way to go about setting up a RAID 0 with the current hardware I have?

Would a third party add-in PCIx RAID card make this process much easier?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. Shouldn't be a problem. When you install Vista on to the newly installed RAID0 array, it should recognise the XP install on the 3rd disk and setup a nice boot option screen for you.
  2. I have a similar question. I have 2 IDE burners, 1 Raptor plugged into the orange sata ports, and 1 raid controller with 2 drives in raid 0 on it. I wanted to use AHCI for the raptor, so I turned on AHCI in the bios for the orange ports and set the 'native speed option' and then left the jmicron controller setting to IDE. When I try to install vista recently it wouldn't all me to install the drive saying there was a problem with the controller. I went back into the bios and set the jmicron setting to AHCI as well. Everything works fine but at boot it shows all the controller bioses, first one detecting the raptor, then my raid card, then the jmicron one detects the 2 IDE drives (via AHCI?) Working great but I was wondering, would it be better to move the raptor from the orange 965 sata port to a purple jmicron sata port and disable the 965 ports in the bio? Would my computer be able to boot if I did that?

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